Friday, March 26, 2010

Man and dead Possum? In Pennsylvania?

  I read the papers around the state everyday at lunch time. This gem was too hard to pass up.

It had all the variables required for a great story. A man. a dead possum. police. Excessive alcohol.

   Read Here.

Monday, March 22, 2010

A random Thing that Women do that Baffle guys

Look ladies, we guys know one thing for sure, and that is we love you. But there are many things that make us want to pull what little hair we have on our receding hairlines out.

  So I kicked this around with the guys at work, and here is the first thing that came to their minds:

  Why in God's name do you always wait until the two minute warning to decide that we need to go shopping NOW? Would you like it if we waited until the last thirty minutes of that Lifetime Movie and demanded you make us dinner? That wouldn't fly, and we know it. So why do it to us? You also do it with two minutes left in an NCAA basketball tournament game.  You have done it in the bottom of the ninth with two outs, the bases loaded, and our teams best hitter at bat with the Phils down 4 to 3.

   We are men, we live vicariously through professional sports. We no longer get to go out and do the hunter gatherer gig, so you have to let us at least watch some form of competition that gets our adrenaline going.

  Okay, I'm done here. Just remember, we do love you, and we do enjoy the thrill of the hunt occasionally as it pertains to seducing you and dragging you off to the bedroom. That's why we buy roses. That's why we kiss you behind your ear while whispering in it how hot you look in that little black dress.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

White people working at Dunkin Donuts? Time to be politically incorrect!

I visit Dunkin Donuts at least four times a week. It is to the point that when I pull into the drive thru and lower the window, the guy says "Good Morning, pull ahead."

  Okay. the guy is an Immigrant from India. He has a family with children, and from my almost daily interaction with him in the last three years since that particular Dunkin Donuts' opened, I have learned that his relatives own and operate several franchises.

It's the Freakin' American dream. God bless'em for being willing to put forth the effort. What had me laughing this weekend is that while watching the NCAA basketball games on CBS I kept seeing a Dunkin Donuts commercial where all the people working at Dunkin Donuts WERE WHITE!

   This came on the heels of my walking into the DD on Hamilton Boulevard in Trexlertown Saturday morning and getting waited on by a young white guy. The other seven employees were all of a minority ethnicity, but here was one white guy, working side by side with OTHER AMERICANS, who happened to have a different skin color.

   My point here is that I could not help but notice the irony of who is working for who. (I've always had trouble using WHOM)

   But when is the last time that you saw a white person working at Dunkin Donuts? Really? Is the economy that bad? And I have a question or two for the folks running DD and approving the commercials.

   Have you actually been in one of your buildings recently? Where is this DD with all the White Employees located, FANTASYLAND?

  That's my politically incorrect observation for this week. My next post will be a complimentary one to a post from Redhead Ranting about TEN THINGS she hates about men.
  I have ten things that women do that drive men nuts. It is not a top ten list, just ten random things that women do that make men want to bang their heads against a wall. Come back Thursday, I will have the list gleaned to ten by then.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Casey's Big Adventure!

Every once in awhile circumstances occur that demand I take an unexpected Road Trip!

  On Tuesday, Fate reared her head and set things in motion.

  Yesterday morning Mrs C left for St. Thomas in the United States Virgin Islands on a mission. She comes back next Tuesday. But to be allowed back on the United States mainland, she needs to produce proof of citizenship. We have traveled many times to St. Thomas USVI and never before did we need these things, but last year the rules changed.

  Guess what we could not find? Mrs C's birth certificate. You can leave the country without one, but get back in? Not happening! (I told her to get a passport, but NOOOOOO!)
  So this predicated me making several phone calls, and kudos to State representative Jennifer Mann's office for steering me in the right direction.
  I went into work at 5 AM and worked until 11 AM. Then I drove two hours from Montgomeryville to Harrisburg and visited the Department of Health at 645 Forster Street room 129. I went in, filled out the forms, and presented them at the window.

   Did you know that Military veterans can get two copies of their birth certificates and that of their immediate family members for free? You do now! The nice lady handed me back a slip telling me to come back in about ninety minutes to pick up the birth certificates.

   I had time to blow, so I went for a walk. I visited the nice new shiny judicial records building. I went up to the fifth floor and suite 5600, where I spoke to some very nice people and showed them some emails I had received from the lawyer of another blogger that were not very nice. They gave me the forms I needed to file a complaint with the Disciplinary board concerning said lawyer. Lawyers have to behave in a civilized manner, even if their clients don't. They agreed that Mr. Lawyer wasn't the SHARPEst tool in the shed and should behave better. I got all kinds of great contact info to use. I would never have thought that the disciplinary body for Lawyers in the Lehigh Valley was in Pittsburgh, but hey, that's state government!
  I'm not all that confident they will do anything about Mr. Lawyer, but at least there will be a complaint in his file for now on.

  I was in and out of there in 20 minutes, so I moseyed over to the State capitol where the legislature was in session. I ran into my friends State Reps Steve Samuelson and Joe Brennan, and Steve walked with me to Jen Mann's office where I personally thanked her staff for quickly facilitating the process for getting Mrs C's birth certificate. Usually the process takes ten days by mail. That would have been a problem!

  All in all, I arrived in Harrisburg at 1:15 PM and departed at 3:00 PM. I was home by 4:45. Not too bad, huh?!  So that was my big adventure Wednesday. Now I am looking forward to big adventure Saturday. Can't wait!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Jeopardy Theme: The music of a man's life!

In many public places there is background music playing in the restrooms. We don't have any music over the PA system at work, but yesterday I was washing my hands and heard someone humming the Jeopardy theme music from inside a stall.

  What made me laugh out loud was that as they hit the last note of the theme, they flushed the toilet.

   Which got me to thinking, what if the person was obsessive compulsive, and had that song stuck in their head? What if they could not stop doing anything until they hit the last note?

That would be al l right doing dishes, but what if you are walking the dog or jogging? Wouldn't it be hard to hit the right note everytime as you got home?

What if you were with a member of the opposite sex? Wouldn't humming that tune really put a damper on things? Think about it.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Every Life Story has an Ending

  Tuesday Morning there will be a gathering of mourners on the East Side of Allentown. They will be paying final respects to a Father and a friend. He was also a de facto Godparent to my wife. Last Spring my wife and I were in the room when the gentleman had the doctors disconnect life support after his wife of sixty years had suffered a brain aneurysm. We were privileged to see him take that last earthly act of unconditional love. If you truly love someone, you set them free, and he did that. It has been less than a year, and they are reunited.
  Last week the man's son made the agonizing decision to stop treatment on his father. The breathing tube was removed, and later that day he passed peacefully in his sleep.

   The son agonized over his decision, and I went to the Hospital the night before and talked to him for a few minutes, for which he was grateful. It is hard to let go. we beat ourselves up and think of all the things we should have done, and in many cases we focus on everything we did wrong. I felt compelled to remind the son of everything he did right.  That's all I have to say tonight.