Friday, May 4, 2012

The Chipmunk in my shoe

   I am like a lot of guys who have a yard to take care of. I have certain shoes I wear when working in the yard. Mine happens to be a pair of New Balance tennis shoes, and I keep them in the garage. I put them on when I am going to be mowing or weed whacking. Yes, I am still too lazy to wear the steel toed ones, and that's why I keep whacking my toes. I will never learn.
   But the point of todays long awaited post is that I went in the garage, went to pick up and put on my shoes, and a chipmunk jumped out and ran down the driveway.
   First, I have to wonder how any creature could survive living in something so embedded with my sweaty foot odor. Second, it didn't faze me, and third, I shook the shoe out, checked it for any other residents or deposits, then I wore it.
     I will never be normal, but that's what makes me special!