Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A visit to the PEEPS! Emporium in National Harbor Maryland

   You can't live in the Lehigh Valley and not have at least once in your life tried those joyous sugar lumps of color called peeps. We know them and we love them. I'm sorry, but I think it is downright un-American not to enjoy peeps.
   My wife discovered while planning this trip that the only Peeps Emporium on the planet was within walking distance of our Hotel and the site of her conference. There was no doubt we would have to visit the Shrine to Sugar that the Peeps Emporium is. Like God above endearing the greatest pleasure to our taste buds, the front door of the store looks directly out onto the Potomac river and gives you a spectacular view of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge.

  But who cares about that?!

    This Store doesn't just sell candy, it sells an incredible collection of merchandise for the Peeps fanatic.
     Mrs C purchased many gifts for friends and family as well as herself, but was disappointed that the "Peace, Love Peeps!" shirt only came in junior miss sizes. Like adults wouldn't want one of those shirts? Hear that Just Born? You are missing the boat on that market!
     I didn't buy any souvenirs but I was unable to resist temptation as I eyed the Peanut Chew and I broke down at the register and spent $1.06 for one single packaged milk Chocolate coated Peep.
    Really, how could I leave that store without having one? Could any of you?

    I have more pictures from inside the store, but Blogger won't let me add them for some reason. I will try again later. In the meantime, Have a Peep! and literally enjoy a sweet dream.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Judgment Day Comes! And goes until December 2012....I hope!

  I was surprised last week tto learn that the date of the Apocalypse had been moved up from December 2012 to Saturday at 6 PM. I remember back in the early 1980s when people were claiming that because all the planets would be in a certain position, crazy gravitational forces would tear at the Earth and cause Earthquakes and other unimagined phenomena.
   Didn't happen.
   Remember all the worry about the millenium? Computers crashing, people getting bar codes, all that stuff? Nothing happened. Bush did get elected President, but I didn't consider it the end of the world. We survived.
   So Saturday at 6PM Eastern time was the latest deadline.
  I admit that the Volcano going off in Iceland made me blink, but that's happened a bunch the last few years. I don't think that we are going to get much warning when the Tribulation starts. It will just happen.
   Personally, I don't think it could be anywhere as dramatic as the faux crises faced by those poor Real Housewives in New Jersey, Miami, Atlanta, and Hell's Kitchen or whatever.
   The World could end, and most of the nitwits will be home watching Bravo. They won't notice anything is wrong until their sattelite dish/Cable signal goes out. Likely at the height of another cat fight between two vacuous house wives over dueling Christening parties for kids whose names they can't even spell correctly, such as spelling the proper name Bethany as Bethenny. That isn't only stupid, it's lazy, as if opening a book and looking it up took too much effort.
    If as the book of Revelation claims, there will be people sucked up into heaven to avoid judgment when it all goes down, the airheads who watch reality TV won't have to worry about any of their favorite characters disappearing. I bet all the TV ministers stick around as well, and they will argue that it is God's will that they stay around to help guide us.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lawnmower Man

  I was watching the one pre-10 PM show I enjoy Sunday night, The Amazing Race, when my doorbell rang. This incited a large amount of barking from two black Cocker Spaniels, and broke the tension of the shows finale.
    I wasn't expecting anybody, and I was surprised to see it was one of my neighbors across the street.

   And she was not happy.

    You see, she goes away for weeks at a time, and doesn't mow her lawn. She doesn't mow it much when she's home either, for that matter, and it usually looks like hell. The lady next door to her is a regular customer of mine, so Sunday afternoon when I mowed hers, I mowed the small part in front of the doorbell ringers house that was across the shared driveway of their town homes.

   To make a long story short, doorbell ringer has demanded that I never cut her lawn again, because I cut it too short. She mowed it before she left, and she wants it that way. She berated me for trespassing on her property.
   I thought I was doing a nice thing, but she doesn't see it that way, and I respect her wishes. After all, it is her property, and if she wants to live in an unkempt forest on those rare occasions she is home, more power to her.
     I should go take a picture of her back yard and post it, to show you what it looks like, but I don't want to anger her further. Lets just say that her back yard resembles a wheat field and leave it at that.

   You guys think I was wrong to mow her yard while she was away? It screams to passersby that nobody is home. It really looks like hell. I never mowed her back, only the small part facing the street and the small slice along the curb. I won't mow it anymore, but it's going to be tough. It is going to really contrast the every ten day treatment I give my customers yard and how I keep the sidewalk edged and borders weed whacked. Oh well, no good deed goes unpunished.