Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I am not a big fan of Funerals

    I attended the funeral of my wife's best friend today. They are the same age. Her friend was diagnosed with cancer in June, and died last Thursday. It was only two months after her husband died of cancer. That was only 18 months after he was diagnosed.

    Having to attend two funerals in just over 60 days for a couple that is the same age as my wife and I was difficult. They were our friends, and the idea that they were taken in such a short time is hard to rationalize. It just doesn't seem fair.

    I don't need the NFL to tell me about Cancer Awareness. I don't need to see a pink ribbon everywhere I go. All I need to do to be aware of the toll Cancer has taken is think about the two funerals I attended since August. I think about the children, grandchildren, brothers, Sisters, and even parents who were left behind, and the tears that were shed at the graveside today for a life that was cut short, and I can't forget what we have all lost.

   I am tired of attending Funerals for people my own age. I am too damn young for that.