Tuesday, November 29, 2011

If they build it, we will come

Here in not so sleepy Trexlertown, we have the Trexlertown Mall. For as long as I have been here, we have had a Redner's, a Giant, a Kohl's and even a Bon ton. We even have a Tractor Supply Company, a Sears Hardware and an Odd Lots! That's why all the New York New Jersey transplants want to live here!

   But one day the people at Giant Food Stores decided that their store was not big enough. Not only that, they wanted a gas station, an in store cafe, and the right to sell beer! And that set in motion a crazy chain of events of having the Tractor Supply Company build a whole new store down the street, and a bunch of complicated municipal hearings and property swaps that ended up with Giant getting a liquor license.

   Giant management wanted this to happen badly. Testament to that is that the old Tractor Supply Store closed  July 10. It was Demolished by August 4. The new 76,000  square foot facility will open December 7.

   The construction people were out there from dawn until dusk 7 days a week.

   So now I have another market I can ride my bike to. It's a little closer than the old one, but still farther than Redners.  I still like living on the edge of the city, but I admit I am selfish that I wish not so many other people do too.