Sunday, March 27, 2011

An entry two months in coming

It seems kind of ironic, but I write more now than I ever did. I just don't post as much. The biggest reason for that is I have had a lot of change in my life the last three months, transitioning to a new job and different hours. But I still spend more than an hour each night before going to bed at the computer letting out whatever is on my mind.
   This past weekend was the Greater Lehigh Valley Writer's Group annual Writer's conference, "The Write Stuff." I couldn't attend for two reasons, one because of my work schedule and the other being my finances. I really couldn't afford to take time off, let alone spend the money. With a double edged sword like that hanging over me, I made an early but difficult and disappointing choice not to attend. This was a sad weekend for me in that regard.

  But I do have good moments, such as this past Wednesday, when Morning Call Columnist Bill White had Blogger Kathy Frederick and I address his journalism class at Lehigh University about what it takes to have a blog. As part of the course the students have to start blogging, and I hope to eventually read, and maybe even link to some of their product.
   It was really rewardring to do, and I was honored and grateful to be asked.

   Spring has come to Trexlertown, even if the air temperature says it hasn't. I know Spring has come because the first Skunks have come out of their dens to spread their scent across the swamp/retention pond in the field behind us. Plus there is news that the Black Bear population in Pennsylvania has quadrupled in the past twenty years. Last year we had one just down the road on the south side of Mountain road in Lower Macungie raiding the bird feeders for food. I won't be surprised if I go out one day and see one in the Swamp behind the Trexlertown Shopping center north of Church Lane and East of Trexlertown road. Even better, how cool would it be if one scampered out of the woods at Rodale park and visited the Velodrome on a race night? That would be a sight to see! Macungie is the Lenape Indian word for Bear Swamp, and whether you live in Macungie Borough, or either Upper or Lower Township, we shouldn't be shocked if a bear shows up and starts drinking out of the Iron Run creek.

   That's all for now, But I promise to post at least twice a week for now on, since the distractions that held me back from posting regularly have now passed.