Thursday, July 30, 2015

Dogs, Diesel Engines, and Amazon.

            My Dogs are smarter than Pavlov's dogs. Those dogs were trained to salivate whenever they heard a bell. Mine have that beat. Without any effort by me, they have learned to bark and go Batcrap crazy everytime they hear a vehicle with a diesel engine drive by outside. They equate the sound of a diesel engine with the UPS truck bringing our daily Amazon PRIME delivery, and they go into Defcon One Home defense mode at the slightest distant sound of a diesel engine. You would never see a cat do that!
              So now I am wondering..... what if Amazon starts using actual drones on my block for deliveries?
               Marlo is one big ass Pony dog who would likely lick you to death, but I bet she would go after that drone with the same abandon she attacks her mortal enemy Mr. Squirrel. She can leap damn near ten feet in the air, so I have a fear she might actually catch the drone and bring it down. Meanwhile, little Marey the Cocker Spaniel/Terrier mix (AKA TERRORIST) would bark at it incessantly, and occasionally dart in and snap at it.

               I wonder if Amazon has considered that possibilty when applying for Drone flight paths?

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